Arca Foundation Rapid Response Grants

In addition to regular grants made in our biannual grant cycles, the Arca Foundation also makes discretionary rapid response grants. These grants are made outside of our regular grant cycles, allowing us to respond more quickly as needs arise.



What is the average size of an Arca Rapid Response Grant?

These grants typically range from $1,000 to $5,000.


How do I apply for an Arca Rapid Response Grant?

These grants are by invitation only. All grants must be submitted electronically. Please click here to access the rapid response grant application.


What elements should be included in my application?

The request itself should be a brief (two to three page) proposal detailing what funds will be covering, why the request is timely, how the request relates to the larger programs of your organization, and why it fits within Arca’s priorities.

Required supplemental attachments include:

  1. A budget detailing the project/program for which funds are being requested.
  2. If your organization is fiscally sponsored, a letter on your fiscal sponsor’s letterhead assuming full fiscal, legal and programmatic responsibility for your organization.
  3. IRS documents confirming your organization’s (or your fiscal sponsor’s) status as a domestic public charity.


How and when will I know if I’ve received funding?

Your proposal will be submitted to the Rapid Response Grants Committee on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for approval. The approval process usually takes about three weeks. Arca staff will follow up once a decision has been made.